No surgery, No Downtime, No Varicose Veins.

If you’ve been avoiding treatment of varicose veins for fear that the only option is surgery, we have good news. Now there’s a new procedure that involves no surgery, no downtime and no hospital stay. It’s done on an outpatient basis in less than two hours with a new laser technology much like that used in eye surgery. And your insurance may even cover it.

While surgery involves considerable preparation, general anesthesia, pain in the affected areas and a lengthy recovery period, venacure eliminates all of that. It’s minimally invasive, meaning the entry point through which your physician gets the laser fiber to the target area is extremely small, not even requiring stitches. There’s only minimal discomfort, virtually no recovery period, and you’ll be up and walking right after the procedure.

In clinical trials, laser treatment has proven 97 percent effective—an outstanding record of success. This means you should experience no reoccurrence in the veins that have been treated. Follow-up procedures may be desired to obtain optimal aesthetic results.

No surgery, no downtime, no varicose veins. If you suffer from this condition, why not do something about it? Ask your doctor if venacure is right for you, then contact Anatomi Imaging to get started.