Fluoroscopy MachineThe fluoroscope has a tilting table connected to an x-ray machine and a television screen, which shows a real-time x-ray image of your body. The images can also be saved for later viewing and diagnostic analysis.

Many fluoroscopic procedures use a liquid contrast dye, which may be administered by mouth or through injection.

What to expect during your fluoroscopy exam

Depending on the type of testing being done, the technologist may ask you to change into a gown. You will either lie on a table or stand upright on a platform attached to the table, then the fluoroscopy tube will move in front of your body to acquire images. Some tests will require you to drink barium during the imaging process. After the exam, you may be asked to wait on the table while a radiologist checks your images, and in some cases, more images may need to be taken. When finished, you’ll be helped from the table.

Learn how to prepare for your fluoroscopy exam.